Our Vision

To promote the new talent, knowledge and actions necessary for applied earth science practitioners to help solve the resources and environmental sustainability challenges in Myanmar today and in the decades to come.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to:

What we do

MAESA supports capacity strengthening, collaborative action and research in the various branches of earth sciences, including the following:

Code of Ethics

  1. For the purposes of this Code, Member shall mean any person admitted to any level of membership of the Myanmar Applied Earth Sciences Association (MAESA). The Association means the Myanmar Applied Earth Sciences Association or MAESA. The Executive Committee (EC) means the governing body of MAESA duly constituted under the by-laws of the Association with a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer, Internal Auditor, Secretary, Deputy Secretary and EC Members. The Ethics and Standards Committee shall mean the Ethics and Standards Committee duly constituted and regulated by the EC under the by-laws of the Association.
  2. All Members shall discharge their duties with respect to MAESA with competence, integrity and professional responsibility.
  3. This Code shall apply to all Members registered with the Association, including Association Members, EC Members, Honorary Members, and Student Members.
  4. Members are required to uphold the reputation, transparency and integrity of the Association in all professional matters related to the Association. In all work decisions and recommendations of the Association, Members shall have due regard for the welfare of communities and stakeholders which may be affected by their work.
  5. No Member shall use the Association and its work to promote political or religious purposes or his/her political gain, including on social media, and other channels.
  6. The Ethics and Standards Committee will deal with unethical, illegal or unfair practices, including false accusations against a Member, reports of such practices, verifications of reports, and will take action accordingly.
  7. No Member, individual or company shall use the Association’s name or Association’s resources for financial purposes without having reached prior agreement in writing with the Association.
  8. All fundraising activities of the Association and the use of the Association’s resources shall be strictly regulated under the Association’s by-laws, and subject to audits by internal and external auditors.
  9. To avoid a conflict of interest with their roles in the Association, the Member shall recuse himself/herself whenever the Association or EC decides on issues where he or she stands to benefit personally.
  10. EC Members and other Members in positions of authority in the Association will ensure that those under their direction, especially the younger generation of earth scientists, are provided with every reasonable opportunity to advance their knowledge and experience.
  11. Selection of Members for participation at international conferences, meetings and exchange and training opportunities shall be made on the basis of merit and a consideration of capacity strengthening needs. Such selection will be made in a transparent and open manner at meetings of the EC.
  12. In their work, such as presentations and publications, Members shall ensure that proper recognition is given to any person (including and especially subordinates) or institution that has contributed to this work.
  13. A Member shall fully disclose in writing any royalty, gratuity or commission obtained in any work conducted on behalf of the Association or through the Association.
  14. Members shall comply strictly with all Myanmar laws and regulations relating to his/her professional activities and shall comply with the rules and by-laws of the Association.
  15. The EC shall refer any misconduct or negligence related to this Code to the Ethics and Standards Committee for recommendation on appropriate action to be taken. Where the Ethics and Standards Committee is of the opinion that a Member has breached any provision of this Code, the Member shall be disciplined, including suspension or expulsion from membership of the Association.