The Professor Saw Clarence Thacpaw Award

(Presented at MAESA Inaugural Conference on Applied Earth Sciences in Myanmar and Neighboring Regions, 2-3 November 2017, Yangon, Myanmar)

Sayagyi Professor Saw Clarence Thacpaw is
the Icon of Myanmar Earth Sciences.

He obtained his Master of Science degree in Economic Geology from the University of Arizona in 1962, having obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Yangon University (1946-49, and 1954-1955) with a break in between due to the country’s conflict situation. He served as a lecturer at the University of Yangon until December 1966. He then held Professor positions at the University of Mandalay and the University of Yangon until he retired in 1989.
In the post-war period, Professor Saw C. Thacpaw was the foremost pioneer in economic geology and conducted the first landmark research work on ore genesis/mineralization of gold deposits at Shweminbon (Thacpaw 1968). This work is regarded as the foundation of modern ore studies in Myanmar.
His idea that sourcing gold was not only from magma but also from sedimentary country rocks remains long-lasting. He introduced the ‘borrowed gold’ concept in the sense that derivation of metals is from sources other than magmatic materials which is in vogue with current popular thinking.
He was definitely the shining light for all of us in our earth sciences studies. He has taught and contributed immensely to the geoscience community as a whole.

This award is to celebrate and commemorate Professor Saw C. Thacpaw’s achievement in and contributions to 'Original Research in Myanmar Earth Sciences"

The aims of the Award are to inspire the young generation and recognize their contribution to Myanmar earth sciences.

The Award is based on four selection criteria:

  1. Personal attendance at the MAESA Conference
  2. Original research conducted in Myanmar Universities and institutions
  3. Age between 50 and 60 years for the first category and age between 40 and 50 years for the second category
  4. Publication is achieved as first author in internationally refereed journals with impact factors (at least between 1-3).

The Award is to inspire the younger generation to promote and conduct quality research that is published internationally.

The winners of the MAESA 2017 Professor Saw Clarence Thacpaw Award are (1) Dr Ye Myint Swe and (2) Dr Kyaw Linn Oo.