Dr. Kyaw Linn Oo

Dr. Kyaw Linn Oo is currently working as a Senior Geoscientist at PETRONAS Carigali Myanmar (Hong Kong) Limited (PCML). He is a sedimentologist with 15 years’ experience in both academic research and in the exploration part of the oil and gas industry of Myanmar. He has 7 years of teaching and research activities in universities of Myanmar, with a focus on sedimentary geology, sequence stratigraphy, petrography and provenance studies of the Cenozoic sedimentary basins of Myanmar; as a project manager in Resource and Environment Myanmar Company Limited (REM); and 5 years’ work experience as a geoscientist with Schlumberger Logelco Inc.
Since 2014 to present, he has been involved in the hydrocarbon exploration ventures of PETRONAS in Myanmar, i.e., in the Tanintharyi Offshore region, Salin and Pyay sub-basins, mainly focused on regional geology, reservoir sedimentology, structural styles & timing of deformation for petroleum system assessments.
As a Project Manager in Resource and Environment Myanmar Co., Ltd., Yangon, Myanmar, he was also involved in consulting services for E&P companies, notably in sedimentary geology of the Oligocene-Miocene units of Central Myanmar Basin; and in managing and coordinating Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) projects.
As a Geoscientist in Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS), he provided technical solutions and consulting services to the E&P companies based in Myanmar, i.e., Geology and Geophysics software applications, G&G data management and workflow optimization for reservoir modeling.
Dr. Kyaw Linn Oo has a Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology from the University of Yangon in 2008, a Master of Science in Regional Geology from the University of Pathein with Credit in 2003, and a Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree from the University of Yangon in 1995.
His research interests and publications lie in the following areas:
• Detrital provenance study of the Eocene clastic sedimentary rocks in the southern Chindwin Basin, using petrography, detrital zircon geochronology and trace element geochemistry.
• Outcrop-based sedimentary facies analysis of the clastic and carbonate rocks; interpretation of their depositional environments in sequence stratigraphic framework.
• Tectonics of sedimentary basins for structural timing and petroleum system assessment; Integrated reservoir characterization and reservoir sedimentology.