MAESA 2017: Breaking New Frontiers

MAESA Inaugural Conference on Applied Earth Sciences in Myanmar and Neighboring Regions, 2-3 November 2017
Field Trip to Mandalay-Sagaing-Shan State, 4-8 November 2017

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The opening up of Myanmar in recent years is leading to a steady influx of tourists, political pundits, technical advisers, academics and foreign businesses. The decades’ long isolation from much of the world has meant that Myanmar’s traditions and people have remained relatively unaffected by modernization, although this situation is now changing rapidly. The diversity of the country’s ethnic groups and cultures are among its hallmarks. From snowy Himalayan peaks bordering Tibet in the north to the dry hot Bagan plain with ancient temples, from malarial jungles and remote mountains to tropical pearl-rich islands of the Andaman Sea, the country also has a range of geography, flora and fauna.
Myanmar also fascinates earth scientists with its challenges and opportunities. While it is endowed with a wealth of natural and mineral resources, much of the country remains relatively inaccessible to international researchers and practitioners. Myanmar also suffers from environmental degradation from deforestation, inappropriate land use and the release into the environment of mining and industrial wastes, and agricultural run-offs. During the long years of isolation, several talented geologists left government service and public universities, or even the whole sector for better jobs elsewhere, with the result that institutions and capacities now need strengthening.
For international partners interested in Myanmar’s opening up, and those with a stake in the development of Myanmar’s applied earth sciences, mineral and energy resources, our Inaugural Conference MAESA 2017 “Breaking New Frontiers” provides exciting opportunities to network, understand and initiate partnerships. Conversely, MAESA 2017 also aims to provide a platform for the next generation of applied earth scientists in Myanmar.
Beginning on 2 November 2017, MAESA 2017 starts off with two days of applied earth sciences sessions in Yangon, home of the fabulous Shwedagon Pagoda, with the option of a field trip to Mandalay region and the Shan State. While the field trip will focus on areas of interest to earth scientists, the countryside will provide a memorable backdrop. Participants will see the magnificent Mandalay Hill, the picturesque Sagaing and Minwun ranges, and travel along the remote and beautiful Zawgyi valley up into the blue mountains of the Pindaya Range, to arrive on the rolling plateau of the Shan State, home to the Shans, Danu, Pa-Oh and many other ethnic groups. Please see further details on our Conference page.
As an optional session, we will hold a Pre-Conference Workshop for those interested in marine geosciences on 1 November 2017. Please see further details by clicking on our tab called “Pre-Conference Marine Geosciences Workshop”.

We welcome you to MAESA 2017!